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  1. My friends and brothers i missed you so much

    I hope you all doing well

  2. the katana is good but for admins , hammer is the best ? download link with all sounds https://www.mediafire.com/folder/q7u2sgko2u8ch/hammer
  3. good katana skin https://gamebanana.com/mods/221799
  4. You can boost for vip anytime in gametracker.rs or tsarvar.com it costs you around 1.25 euros GL
  5. Nick: Dean Age: 16 Server Boost Link (gametracker.rs,tsarvar.com...) / Proof: https://tsarvar.com/ar/servers/counter-strike-1.6/ Why do you want Admin on mmgc.gq server?: rules enforcement How will you help the server if you receive this function ?: i will try to invite people How many hours / day do you play on the server? (not afk / spec) : 3-6 Do you have any idea about the console commands ? yes، i have big experience in other servers.
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