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  1. Board for discussions on all the server!
  2. Here you can post movies, reviews, plus upcoming anime movies and the movies you like.
  3. In this section, you can share and promote your indie game with our community.
  4. You have a good activity on the server,I have not seen your behavior within the server, however you are too young for the position of administrator. But I will leave the decision to sayf rourou who is the owner of the server. https://www.gametracker.com/player/Ameix/gmod.mmgc.life:27015/
  5. Did you find a bug in any of our servers? Post it here and we'll fix it.
  6. Post funny content expressed in photos.
  7. Do you have problems with the game? Here we will help you to solve it
  8. Esta área está dedicada a los usuarios. ✅cambio de nombre ✅¡Únete a concursos y gana! ✅Discusiones generales ✅fuera de contexto ✅Tecnología y Juegos ✅Multimedia ✅Resource ✅Película (s
  9. are you new around here? present yourself
  10. Questions about programming, functions, guides, tutorials all about AMX MOD X. Open a topic in this section and tell us your interest and we will help you. I give everyone the opportunity to learn and have unique knowledge, that's why I open this topic to clarify your doubts. since I am a Creator and Designer of Plugins of all versions of cs 1.6.
  11. Report any type of error on the server or forum here! and get free 100 points in-game
  12. Did you just make a new design and want to show it for the whole community to see? Show your skills!
  13. Mapping area, tutorials and map presentations. Here you can present your maps created for our servers!
  14. If one of our admins has banned you, you can request an unban request here! Unban Appeal Form YOU MUST USE THIS FORM OR WE WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR APPEAL The Form -Your SteamID is required otherwise we can't unban you: -The reason. Why you were banned in the first place: -Your ingame name: -The name of the admin who banned you: -Ban URL (Banlist link of your ban): -Why we should give you another chance and proof of innocence(Check cstrike folder for any screenshots). Explain: This is a necessary form. This form should be explained. The more reasons you add the better chance of getting an Ban appeal. You can write a paragraph about why you should be unbanned but it has to have those things. We take all our bans seriously no matter what. Bans made by the SERVER are not subject to appeal. Don't spam any of the administration or the shoutbox if u got banned Don't lie in the appeal, we have ways to check if your telling the truth or lying You have 14 days to make your unban appeal, otherwise you won't be unbanned. *ADDITIONAL NOTICE* We understand the hassle of being banned for no reason even though you're innocent. But...please Do not send private messages to any of our Admins/Donators/Staff regarding your appeal. It will not speed up the process and in fact you may receive a warning due to the aforementioned action.
  15. Do you have suggestions or comments? Let us know! They will be accepted and denied by the administration.
  16. You can post any kind of tutorial that is relevant to the community here! The community mmgc.life needs active people both in the forum and on the server, so members are needed to collaborate. If you have YouTube channels published to reference about the community
  17. Support Your Community! support your community with extra donations that will help with server maintenance and other additional functions that will improve its performance. contact the main owner of the community to make the donation through PayPal sayf pack
  18. News and updates about the mmgc.life community will be posted here. Please check back periodically for new information. Promotions and declines server updates forum updates
  19. Tiffany

    Guns ZP cs 1.6

    Common Guns for the ZP There are thousands of weapons for the zombie plague, which are some for the server. G35G1 night vision t virus laser mine sandbags rock-guitar AKM12 (Damage ×2) Violingun (Damage ×2) Golden Deagle (Damage ×3) Ethereal Balrog (Damage ×2.20) Sawn-off shotgun (Damage ×2) Golden AK-47 (Damage ×2.17) Golden M4A1 +15 armor RC-Bomb RC-Tank pumpkin grenade
  20. You did not complete the VIP application form correctly.
  21. you would need more than 3 hours of gameplay to get the admin. administrators need to boost the servers either with donations or other types of financial help to increase the server. Also you did not do the administration form correctly. Thanks for your time, but not for now. ATTE: Administration!
  22. Nick: BryLLySStY Age: 28 Boost Link Server (gametracker.rs,tsarvar.com...) / Test: 5-6 hours Why do you want Admin on the mmgc.gq server?: Help with administration. How will you help the server if you receive this function?: Inviting people. How many hours / day do you play on the server? (no afk / specs): 7 hours available.
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